Playlist #1: “Pivot, Pivot, Pivot!”

It’s summertime and we’re still exhaling after the “Year of the Pivot” (can we retire that word?). The warmer weather and slowly reconnecting with family and friends has us feeling hopeful.

Playlist #1 is all about looking ahead and imagining future teaching and learning (even if it means taking a hard look back at the past). Here’s what we’re reading, watching, and listening to as we reflect on this past year.

What We Are Reading

  • A Year of Remote Teaching: The Good, The Bad, and The Next Steps: Michelle Miller examines where we are after more than a year of remote teaching. Some thoughts might have you cheering and others may surprise you. Which ideas mirror our own experiences at UMW? –Victoria
  • Universal Design for Teaching: This short provocation post asks us to imagine what would happen if Universal Design for Learning (a framework often used at the course level) was expanded to the entirety of a student’s time at our schools? If we spent time reviewing our missions, policies, and procedures to see if they serve the variety of needs of our students what would we find and what would we change? Shannon

What We Are Watching

What We Are Listening To


Now it’s your turn! Before jumping into planning for fall classes, take some time to inventory your work this past year:

  • In what ways did your students surprise you this past year (in a good way!)? What contributed to those happy surprises?
  • How did you surprise yourself this past year (again, in a good way)? How can you build on that success or growth?
  • What would you call a ‘mistake’ from your work this year? What if you tried this idea or strategy again–what would you do differently? Do you need a new approach to the challenge or situation?
  • If you could take one idea or strategy forward next year, which one would it be? Why? What do you need to make it happen?

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