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Faculty Resources

Student Resources

Over the summer of 2020 the Center for Teaching and Digital Learning Support put together a 4 week course, Refocus Online, to help prepare faculty to teach online in the fall. Each week centered around a different topic:

Each week offers framing, strategies, faculty models, activities you can try, and recordings of workshops.

We encourage you to look at this resource as a starting place for online teaching.

Digital Learning Support's List of Online Teaching Tools

Digital Learning Support has put together a series of guides for DLS supported tools. This list includes getting started guides and other applicable settings for UMW. The tools currently supported are:

This list is meant to provide guidance around what the Digital Learning Support team can support and should not be a limiting factor if faculty desire to explore other tools (in fact we encourage exploration!). If you’d like to discuss other tools not on this list feel free to reach out to us at dls@umw.edu

Looking for help?

If you are a student looking for help with digital projects please consult with the Digital Knowledge Center. You can book an appointment at dkc.umw.edu or e-mail them at dkc@umw.edu.

Looking for help with speaking or writing assignments?