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Using Zoom in a Classroom

All UMW classrooms are equipped with a computer and AV system, but also include a webcam and document camera that can be useful if you want or need to have a Zoom session where some students are present in the classroom and some are remote.  Some practice and preparation is helpful in having a successful Zoom session in your classroom.

What You Will Need #

  • A UMW Zoom account. This guide tells you how to setup your account.
  • A basic understanding of Zoom. These guides provide a good overview.
  • Knowledge of what to do if you encounter a Zoombomber.
  • Practice time to get comfortable with this technique.

The Steps to Follow #

The steps outlined here utilize the computer and webcam already installed in a classroom. Using your own laptop would be a different process that might require other steps not covered here.

Starting a Zoom Meeting in a Classroom

  1. Turn on the AV system and select the computer source using the touch panel.
  2. Log into the computer using your NetID and password (this will save some settings for Zoom so you don’t have to reset them every time).
  3. Launch Zoom using the icon on the desktop.
  4. Sign in to your Zoom account using the SSO (Single Sign On) option, NOT the email option. If Zoom asks you for the SSO domain, enter “umw-sso”
  1. Open your Zoom meeting and check these settings:
    Video: Choose the VDO360 2SEE camera. This is the webcam on top of the monitor in most classrooms. If your classroom is different and/or you can’t get an image of yourself for Zoom, contact the Help Desk at 540-654-2255 for assistance.

Audio: Choose the VDO360 2SEE microphone. You can leave the speaker setting as-is.

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