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Classroom Technology Overview

Using technology in your classroom can feel a bit stressful if you have not taken some time before your initial class meeting to get familiar with it.  While the technology installed in a UMW classroom is generally the same, some rooms may have different interfaces or capabilities.

Standard Technology Installed in a UMW Classroom #

Photo of "typical" AV system including a webcam, document camera, computer, AV touchscreen controller, keyboard, mouse and DVD and/or BluRay player.
“Typical” Classroom AV System

In most classrooms you can expect to find a computer, a DVD/BluRay player (sometimes built into the computer) a video projector, a webcam with a built-in microphone, and a document camera.  There is also a control system (touch screen or button panel) to allow you to turn on the system, choose what you want to project, control volume levels, and shut down the system.  Check your room to verify the equipment that is installed there as there.

Getting Ready: Classroom Technology Checklist #

Prior to your initial class meeting (if possible), go to the classroom you will be teaching in and get familiar with the technologies you plan to use.  This checklist will lead you through the things to try and test as you prepare for your first class meeting.

Getting Technical Support in a Classroom #

IT Support Services AV Technicians can provide an in-person overview of the AV system in a classroom if you would like a guided tour.  Just contact the Help Desk (540-654-2255) to schedule a meeting time.  Additionally, if you experience a technical issue during a class, contact the Help Desk and they will do their best to send a technician to your classroom to assist as staff is available.

Consider a “Technology Plan B” #

No technology works 100% of the time, so having an alternate plan in mind is a way to help reduce the stress and impact a technical glitch can introduce into your class time.  Think about what you might do if something doesn’t work – it doesn’t need to be an extensive plan, just a way to get through the material in a way that doesn’t rely on technology.

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