Compelling Courses


This is the sub-hub for the Compelling Courses Faculty Learning Community, an offshoot of ReFocus Online. In our view, the biggest challenge we face at UMW is convincing enough students to come back in the fall 2020 to avoid a revenue catastrophe due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Increasingly, it appears that some or all courses at UMW during the fall semester will be conducted online. It is our contention that excellent teaching is excellent teaching regardless of the modality of a course. To that end, we propose to gather a group of faculty to work together over the summer to create some extraordinary online courses, courses designed to incorporate the best of the UMW experience.

How to participate

If you missed the call for participation in your UMW e-mail you can contact Steve Greenlaw,, to get involved.


Below is an archive of the Compelling Courses meetings. You'll find relevant recordings and materials.

Meeting Recordings & Resources

Kick-Off Meeting

June 3, 2020

Meeting 2

June 10, 2020

Meeting 3

June 16, 2020

Meeting 4

June 24, 2020

Meeting 5

July 1, 2020

Meeting 6

July 8, 2020

Meeting 7

July 15, 2020

Meeting 8

July 22, 2020

Meeting 9

July 29, 2020