Activity: Create a weekly module template in Canvas and copy for each week.

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In your Canvas course you’ll need to add a new module.

Canvas Guide:
How do I add a module? 

You’ll want to create over-arching sections that your students can expect to find each work. You can do this by creating text headers for each section. For example:

  • Overview
  • Learning Materials
  • Learning Activities

Canvas guide:
How do I add a text header as a module item?

There are a large variety of course content you can include in your module, including Assignments, Pages,  links to external resources.

Canvas Guides:

How do I add course content as module items? 

How do I add an external URL to a module?


The last step is publishing the module so your students can see. If you are still working on future modules you can leave them unpublished until you are ready for students to see them or lock them until a certain date.

Canvas Guides:
How do I publish or unpublish a module as an instructor? 
How do I lock a module?