Preparing UMW Course Syllabi

Required Syllabus Components

All faculty are required to submit a digital copy of the syllabus for each course taught. Section 5.4.6 of the UMW Faculty Handbook outlines minimum syllabus requirements for all courses. Be sure your syllabi include:

  • instructor identification and contact information
  • course identification
  • course goals and objectives
  • student learning outcomes, including (when applicable) general education learning outcomes
  • required materials
  • course calendar
  • guidelines for class participation
  • basis for determining final grades and mid-semester progress reports

In addition, four policy statements are required on UMW course syllabi:

  • Accessibility statement
  • Title IX statement
  • Recording policy
  • Adherence to the Honor Code statement

Please consult the Provost’s website for sample statements and contact offices for further guidance.

Spring 2022 COVID-19 Syllabus Language

During the Spring 2022 semester, faculty must include the following COVID-19 statement on their syllabi:

All students are expected to adhere to the policies and expectations of the University to mitigate risk and support the health and safety of the UMW community, including refraining from attending class if experiencing symptoms. A comprehensive set of the current policies and expectations can be found at the COVID-19 information page.   

This includes the requirement that all unvaccinated employees, students and visitors are required to wear masks inside any university building and are strongly encouraged to do so when outside in group settings.   

UMW policy ALSO stipulates that all employees, students, and visitors, regardless of vaccination or booster status, must wear masks indoors in public spaces (which includes all classrooms, laboratories, meeting spaces, foyers and hallways, and auditoriums) until further noticeThe use of KN-95 masks or equivalent is highly encouraged

Changes to this requirement will be communicated to the campus community by the COVID-19 Director and updated at the university’s COVID-19 information page.   

No food is permitted in classrooms and other instructional areas; drinks permitted in closed containers only and not in areas where expressly prohibited.   

Failure to comply with UMW policies and expectations will result in disciplinary action consistent with the Student Code of Conduct. 

Syllabus Statements for Student Support

Students have opportunities to receive support for a variety of class assignments and experiences. The following statements can make students aware of what is available and how to access services.

Digital Knowledge Center

The Digital Knowledge Center (DKC), located in HCC 408, provides UMW students with peer tutoring on digital projects and assignments. Any student at the University can take advantage of the Center’s services by scheduling an appointment to work one-on-one or in a group with a student tutor. You can schedule a tutorial through EAB and at; while appointments are not required, they are recommended. Tutorials cover a wide range of topics related to common digital systems, technologies, new media, and tools used in courses at UMW. DKC tutors adhere to the UMW Honor Code during all appointments. They are available to provide guidance and advice, but they cannot create, produce, or edit work on a student’s behalf. 

Help Desk (Computer Issues)

If you are having difficulties with Canvas or connecting to online University resources, seek assistance from the Help Desk:

Simpson Library

The Simpson Library provides access to important physical and online resources and spaces.  Computers, printers, scanners, and study rooms are available for students, faculty, and staff.  Research librarians are available to assist you via phone, email, chat, or face-to-face.

Online databases, research guides, and e-books are accessible off-campus by using your network ID and password.  An online interlibrary loan service is also available so that students can request books and articles not available at the Simpson Library. 

Speaking Center

The UMW Speaking Center provides students support for speaking and communication assignments: presentations, debates, group presentations, interviews, leading class discussions, and more. You can schedule an online appointment on our website. Please ensure you are choosing the appropriate appointment type and date.  

Writing Center

The UMW Writing Center offers assistance on all types of writing projects: reports, papers, cover letters and resumes, research projects, and citations. The Writing Center can also help you prepare for in-class essay exams and for standardized tests that include essays such as the Praxis I writing exam.

If you are an online, commuter or Stafford Campus student, you can schedule online or face-to-face appointments. Please ensure you are choosing the appropriate appointment type and date.