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Adding Users to a Canvas Course

For most courses, the automated synchronization between Banner and Canvas will automatically add instructors and enrolled students to the correct Canvas course. On rare occasions, it may be necessary to add teachers, students, or observers to a Canvas course manually.

Important Notes #

  • If adding students via email address, you must use “” rather than “” You may also use the “Login ID” option to add students by their NetID (the part of the email address before the @)
  • In some cases, manual changes to Canvas course enrollment may be undone by the automated Banner sync. If this occurs, contact the UMW Registrar ( to update the official course enrollment.

Adding/Removing Users #

At UMW, all users with the “Teacher” role can add and remove students, teachers, and observers via the People tab in the course navigation sidebar. For more information, see Canvas’ guides here:

How do I add users to a course?

How do I remove a user from a course?

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