Grades and Final Examinations

Incomplete Grades

Should the need arise, you have the option to issue a grade of Incomplete (I) for a student at the end of the semester. Procedures for issuing an Incomplete grade are outlined in the UMW Academic Catalog.

A Notification and Terms of Incomplete Grade Assignment form must be submitted to the Office of the Registrar in order to issue an Incomplete grade.

Final Examinations

All final examinations or alternative assessments given in lieu of final examinations must be given during the regularly scheduled examination period at the end of each semester or 8-week session at the time listed for the course in the officially announced schedule.

Take-home examinations may be distributed as early as the last day of classes and cannot be due before the regularly scheduled examination period for that class.

Review the UMW Academic Catalog policy on final examinations to learn more, including rescheduling final examinations and exam make-up dates.

Remember: final examination papers must be kept for one calendar year in case any question should arise that would make reference to the papers desirable.