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Attendance Strategies for Students in Isolation or Quarantine

Attendance StrategyGood option if…CautionsLearn More
Synchronous streaming via ZoomA significant portion of the class cannot attend in-person

Students can engage with one another via chat, breakout rooms,
or collaborative platforms

Class mostly engages in discussion and group work
Requires close monitoring of chat and Zoom screen to engage with students online and facilitate interactions between students

Need time before class to ensure complete tech set up

Students who experience difficulties with connection may not be readily assisted

Limited or no access to work on classroom-based whiteboards
Classroom Technology Overview

Using Zoom in Canvas

Using Zoom in a Classroom

Using a Document Camera as a Whiteboard Replacement in Zoom

ReFocus Online Resource Guide: Run a Synchronous Meeting in Zoom

Class recording posted in CanvasClass session largely lecture or demonstration

Recording available to all students for review or follow-up activities

Timely upload of recording is key–need to factor in processing time and schedule

Student must find time outside of scheduled class time to review recording

Passive learning experience if no activities or engagement opportunities available
Zoom Cloud Recording

Transitioning Recordings from the Zoom Cloud

Using Zoom in Canvas

Asynchronous online participation/activity
Class session focused on individual work progress and/or reflective activities

Student situation requires flexibility (e.g. symptoms more severe, medical appointments)

Group work is situated on a collaborative platform for easy sharing and discussion

Activity cannot be ‘busy work’–activity should be designed for meaning and equity to in-person session (if being held)

Feedback crucial, whether from peers and/or instructor, to prevent isolation (i.e., student should not just be communicating with the screen, but needs connection to others in course)

ReFocus Online: Engagement

ReFocus Online: Course Assignments & Feedback

ReFocus Online Resource Guide: Set Up Asynchronous Discussions
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